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Rust Removal & Automotive Corrosion Eradication

Cars are extremely susceptible to rust and corrosion. It affects all climates and regions. Even the newest vehicles made with carbon fiber and plastic elements are not completely resistent to corrosion and rusting. If the climate is humid enough, your car can develop rust even if it's under cover from the elements. Salting the roadways for snow and ice storms leaves a surplus of salt that can turn your car into a rust bucket over time. Most importantly, scratches and dents in the protective primer and paint coats of your car leaves it at risk of rusting. This is why it is so important to maintain the integrity of your paint job for the life of your vehicle.

How can you prevent rusting? Examining and maintaining your paint job prevents rust from developing and keeps it from weakening the metal within your car. The paint on your vehicle isn't strictly for aesthetic purposes; it also acts as a seal to keep moisture away from the bare metals inside. Bubbles can be a sign of rust forming underneath the paint and scratches in your automotive paint. Paint flaking allows moisture inside and start the oxidation that eventually becomes rust.

It's important to wash your vehicle regularly to prevent buildup that could potentially become corrosive. Applying a wax coating in addition to paint and primer can offer an extra layer of protection to your automobile.

Many new vehicles are made with carbon fiber and reinforced plastic materials that are naturally rust resistent. Vehicles made with stainless-steel components and fiberglass bodies are also less likely to rust. Even these vehicles need to inspected periodically for metal parts that can still corrode. Sometimes rust can develop even when we're careful. Rust and Corrosion is essentially unavoidable for most project cars that are a few decades old.

What do you do when you find rust?

Despite what some Youtube videos may suggest, there is a right way and a wrong way to strip your vehicle body of rust and corrosion. Don't put yourself at risk of further damage by trying to resolve an extensive rust issue in your car or truck yourself. We strongly discourage you from attempting any rust removal yourself, leave this important maintenance to professional technicians.

When you bring your rusty car or truck into our shop, we're guaranteed to fix the problem; whether it's a minimal amount of corrosion in an isolated patch or the rustiest, crustiest metals. We sand away visible corrosion with a precision grinder to remove every speck of rust from your vehicle without compromising the entire paint job. Most visible surface rust is lightweight layer that can easily be sanded away, while deep-seated, thick, metal pitting corrosion cannot be removed with sandpaper.

We avoid using noxious and harsh chemicals to strip away the rust, focusing our attention on environmentally safe, biodegradable, and non-hazardous rust removers when the situation calls for chemical rust eradication. We don't leave any rust that could continue to erode the metal inside. We ensure there is no moisture or dirty trapped in the layers of your paint job that could lead to corrosion in the future.

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