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Frequently Asked Questions

Some accidents happen at very low speed, such as a collision with an object that damages the body but doesn't affect the framework or mechanical systems of the car; these vehicles can obviously be driven. In the event of a more severe accident, there is often more damage than can be seen by the untrained eye. We cannot more intensely stress that you should NEVER drive a car that could be unsafe because of damages. Contact one of our Collision Repair Technicians to determine the extent of damage to the vehicle. We are happy to help in arranging towing and in guiding you through the Claim process with the Insurance Company.
Local Towing companies know each of our stores, and you can easily have your vehicle towed to any of our convenient Store locations for inspections, estimates, and repair. If you call us, any member of our team can help you arrange for a tow to us in Sherwood OR, Oregon City OR, and Clackamas OR. If you would like to arrange for the tow yourself, we're always happy to recommend Fox Towing in Tigard, Oregon. You can visit their Website and Services online before scheduling.
When we guarantee a Free Estimate and Free Inspection, we mean it. From seeing the vehicle, we can make a rough estimate of what it will cost in parts and labor to return your vehicle to pre-damage condition. Our Free Inspection covers all of the important systems of your vehicle without being tearing the vehicle down. When we tear down a vehicle for repair, it's not uncommon to discover additional damage to the vehicle that requires attention. While we promptly alert and discuss these discoveries with you when we find them; these items can alter the initial Free Estimate we provided you. We promise you that any Inspection or Estimate provided to you without tearing down the vehicle is guaranteed to be Free of Charge.
We gladly welcome Walk-In requests for Free Auto Body Estimates. With three store locations, we do our very best to assist everyone in a timely manner; sometimes we do get busy. If you're worried about time, or you have scheduling constraints, we now offer Early Bird & Night Owl Drop-Off which you can call and arrange. To guarantee we have an Auto Body Specialist ready to inspect your vehicle right away, we recommend that you Schedule An Appointment at any of our Store Locations before you drive down to see us.
All you have to do to get a Free Auto Body Estimate at Sherwood Auto Body is bring your vehicle to one of our Store Locations and request that the Insurance Company inspect the vehicle at our store. You may be asked to visit a Drive-In Claim Center by the Insurance Company, which you can do before bringing the vehicle to us if you so choose; you are also within your Rights to bring the vehicle directly to us. Learn everything the Insurance Company doesn't want you to know about Automotive Accident Claims. We can deal directly with the Insurance Company for you.

All you need to get a Free Estimate is the damaged vehicle, the Vehicle Registration, and your current Insurance information. Sherwood Auto Body has three convenient locations in Oregon - Sherwood, Oregon City, and Clackamas.
It's not uncommon for Insurance Companies and Repair Shops to create relationships that benefit one another far more than they ever benefit the customer; it usually ends in the form of refurbished and used parts or cutting corners in repair work. We view this as a disservice to our customers; we know that people who care about their vehicle and it's safety feel the same way that we do on this subject. You, and you alone, are the one to decide where you get your Auto Body Estimate and repairs completed.

You can expect your Insurance Company to 'recommend' a Repair Shop to you; It is very important to understand that under Oregon State Law, you have the right to choose the Repair Shop where your vehicle is repaired. Your Insurance Company cannot require or force you to go to any particular shop, and they can't refuse payment if you choose a shop other than the one they recommended.
Getting differently priced Auto Body Estimates when you visit more than one shop is commonplace. You should expect it. To start, different shops charge different hourly rates and this is one of the first things that you should consider when choosing a Repair Shop. Secondly, a lower estimate may not include all of the necessary work to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition. During the course of repairing a vehicle, additional auto body and mechanical issues may be discovered, which also affect final estimates.

If you're ever unsure of an Estimate price or have questions about variations, please ask us! At Sherwood Auto Body, we guarantee to Meet or Beat any Local Competitor's Estimate.
There are a few requirements of a high-quality, professional Collision Repair Shop; they should be I-Car Gold Class approved and ASE Blue Seal approved to ensure expert service. Certifications like these guarantee that the shop you've chosen in up-to-date on the latest Technology and Industry Training.

If you choose Sherwood Auto Body, you're placing your vehicle in the hands of ASE-Master Technicians, in a State-of-the-Art facility, outfitted with the newest Technology and Equipment to repair even the newest Makes and Models. You're also ensuring that your vehicle has genuine manufacturer recommended parts, any paint work is backed by a Color Match Guarantee, and that your vehicle is insured with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Schedule An Appointment at any of our Store Locations today! We have three convenient stores across Oregon - in Sherwood OR, Oregon City OR, and Clackamas OR.
Rental Car coverage has to be part of your Insurance Policy for it to be covered in the claim. If you were not at fault for the accident,. then it may be covered by the Insurance Company of the responsible Policyholder. You should check with your Insurance Agent to find out for sure before making arrangements. If the rental is not covered by Insurance - we should be able to help you arrange for a low cost rental while your vehicle is being repaired. You should be able to add coverage for a Rental Car to your policy at a low annual cost, if you don't have it already.
In the State of Oregon, you must be 21 years old to qualify for a Rental Car. You also must have a Valid Driver's License. If you intend for another person to also be driving the vehicle, it is very important that you list that individual on the Rental Application; Only people eligible and listed on the Rental Contract can legally drive the vehicle.
Absolutely Yes; we work very hard to make your Automotive Repair experience as painless as possible, which is why make it as easy as possible for you to obtain and return your Rental Car. Call one of our Store Locations directly for more information and to get the process started right away.
Yes; Supplements can be worked out with your Insurance Company if need be. Even if a check to cover a Repair Estimate has already been issued and cashed, if additional repairs related to the Claim are discovered, we will immediately contact and work with the Insurance Company on your behalf to arrange for Supplements. Supplements are any additional damage found to be accident related, and we can bill them directly for the repairs. You won't have to pay out of pocket if additional damage is discovered. Arrange your Free Auto Body Estimate with any of our convenient Store Locations - in Sherwood OR, Oregon City OR, and Clackamas OR.
It is up to you to deal with the Insurance Company yourself, or to have your Repair Shop handle the Repair and Claim on your behalf. Sherwood Auto Body has over thiry years of experience dealing directly with Insurance Companies to negotiate your Claim and any Supplements that may arise. We will happily handle your Auto Insurance Claim at any of our Store Locations.
The advantages of using OEM parts are endless, and that's why we only use OEM parts and parts recommended directly from your manufacturer when fixing your vehicle. OEM automotive parts ensure a precise fit and finish, and superior durability. By using the right parts during repair, we eliminate comebacks, speed up repair times, and keep our customers happy. We only use aftermarket or used parts by request of the customer and cannot cover these items with our Warranty.
When it comes to using alternative or aftermarket parts for repairs on your vehicle, some Insurance Companies and Policies require that you use them where available; in an effort to lower the cost of repair. It may be written into your Insurance Policy, and you should review your Policy or contact your Agent if you're unsure about the terms.

At Sherwood Auto Body, we prefer to use genuine manufacturer-recommended parts - before we turn to aftermarket parts. We look into used, refurbished, and alternative parts by customer request and Insurance demand only.
Yes, we most certainly do. In May of 2014, we partnered with Top Gear Auto Worx to provide superior Automotive Repair and Routine Maintenance to our customers with ASE-Master Technicians. They have Specialists in each of our Store Locations; and you can visit any of their stores to speak with a Sherwood Auto Body representative. Visit the Top Gear Auto Worx website today to learn more!