The Color Match Guarantee at Sherwood Auto Body

Color is powerful. We believe the color of your car says a lot about who you are. Color also has an effect on the residual value of any automobile. Paint can and will likely fade or change color over time and this is especially likely with older and vintage vehicles. With today's technology, it's never been easier or more affordable to restore your car, truck, or SUV to like-new condition. A precise color match makes for an easier and quicker repair process.

Quality is king when it comes to Auto Body, which is why color-matching is such an important detail in the repair process. We use the newest color-matching technology to ensure we use precisely the right tone and hue of paint on your vehicle. Even our touch-up paint has to be an exact match to the current paint job. This is how we avoid blemishes and set ourselves apart from competitors. You can depend on our Color-Match Guarantee with any Auto Body Service. Paired with our limited Lifetime Warranty, it's what sets us apart from the rest in Automotive Painting in Sherwood, Oregon.

Our Color-Match Guarantee

Every one of our I-CAR Certified Auto Body techs are expertly trained to locate and replicate the exact right color of the original factory applied coating of your vehicle quickly and easily. We guarantee that our paint will exactly match the original/existing paint job of the manufacturer for your vehicle for an "invisible repair" or we'll fix it for free.

Our Color-Match Guarantee applies to all auto body services, from the base color and primer, to the clear coat : including small touch-up services, collision repair, replacement parts, and painting vehicle accessories.

We use the industry leading technology to take the guess work out of vehicle painting by easily finding the exact match to your factory color and check it against your listed color code to guard against mistakes. We can perfectly match and mix any original OEM color and most aftermarket color codes for current and late model import and domestic vehicles.

We do Custom-Matching! If you have a custom paint job or purchased a vehicle in an unknown color-code, or your auto paint has faded significantly, we can still match the existing color coat for a blemish-free finish. Small batches of original factory paint can be purchased for Touch-Up Service.