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Auto Body Repair & Paint

Auto Painting & Auto Body Repair

Our attentive staff is ready to handle both minor and major Auto Body damage and repairs. Are you worried about small dents and unsightly scratches? The highly trained Auto Body Technicians at Sherwood Auto Body are ready to fix minor dents and scrapes, as well as fender reconstructions and complete strip-and-paint projects.

Exactly matching the existing paint color of your vehicle is as large a concern to us, as it is to you, the customer. We guarantee your satisfaction with our Color-Match Guarantee. We promise to perfectly match the factory paint of your vehicle, duplicating the hue and saturation identically for an "invisible repair".

Our Color-Match Guarantee promises for an undetectable Paint Repair!

The Color-Match Guarantee - Exact Factory Match

We utilize a computerized paint color matching system that exactly replicates the factory paint of your vehicle, duplicated it perfectly to allow for an undetectable repair. This is what we like to call an "invisible repair", where no one can tell there was any damage in the first place. We take pride in providing this level of craftmanship to every Paint Job and Auto Body Repair.

We sand down the existing clearcoat, and ensure we match the color, texture, and gloss of paint and finish before applying it to the vehicle. We take care to completely bake the paint inside and out, ensuring a complete cure before polishing the finish. All Paint services include a wash and wax of the finished paint job.

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