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Sherwood Auto Body

We have been in business now for over 30 years, and we're proud to be a part of the Sherwood/Tualatin Community. It's been our honor to provide the best service we can to our neighbors, to support our community however we're able, and to give endless love and appreciation to our veterans.

We'd like to thank our loyal customers and friends, and cheers to thirty more years of stellar Automotive Services together!

Our Sister Stores

We have been expanding our services throughout Portland, to better serve our customers. We have recently opened several sister-store locations where we guarantee the same exceptional customer service and craftmanship as in our Sherwood Store. Learn more about each location below.



Sam Zeitoun

Owner & Operator

This has been my dream since I first opened my doors in 1982 and repairing vehicles had been a longtime hobby of mine years before that. This great country, the hardworking Americans all throughout it, and the brave veterans who've fought to keep it safe inspire me everyday. I strive to provide the highest-quality parts and service to every single customer, alongside a smile and phenomenal customer service.

Tim Owens

District Manager

I've had my hand in several industries, and in my time in automotive, I'd had a lot of experience in dealerships and environments like that. Sherwood Auto Body is different and I'm excited to be part of something great.It's a group of motivated people with the desire to turn a small operation into something bigger.